Holy Communion on the Moon…??


Did you know that there has been a holy communion on the Moon? And that it was never publicised because of fear of a law suit by an atheist. Well now you do! Buzz Aldrin, second to put a human foot on the Moon, led the first communion on Moon soil (?) all those years ago.

this link explains how Buzz handled some of the practical aspects of his intention: http://www.ericmetaxas.com/writing/essays/buzz-aldrin-guideposts-article-full-text/

“I could carry the bread in a plastic packet, the way regular inflight food is wrapped.  And the wine also—there will be just enough gravity on the moon for liquid to pour.  I’ll be able to drink normally from a cup.  Dean, I wonder if you could look around for a little chalice that I could take with me as coming from the church?”

The next week Dean showed me a graceful silver cup.  I hefted it and was pleased to find that it was light enough to take along.  Each astronaut is allowed a few personal items on a flight; the wine chalice would be in my personal-preference kit….

“I had a question about which scriptural passage to use.  Which reading would best capture what this enterprise meant to us?  I thought long about this and came up at last with John 15:5.  It seemed to fit perfectly.  I wrote the passage on a slip of paper to be carried aboard Eagle along with the communion elements…

“I sensed especially strongly my unity with our church back home, and with the Church everywhere.

I read: “I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever remains in me, and I in him, will bear much fruit; for you can do nothing without me” (John 15:5).”

So now you know!




Well I couldn’t have said it better myself. So as this brilliant blogger has done all the investigation, I thought I may as well re-post his fine work.

The Rocky Mountain Mystery School – mystic biscuit or the Real Deal???


Dr. Gudni Gudnason

I just can’t seem to let my fascination with the Rocky Mountain Mystery School go. Maybe it’s because it sounds somewhat like the title of a Dolly Parton duet with Harry Potter. Or maybe it’s because it’s founder, Gudni Gudnason, (what an awesome name!!) just intrigues me. 

Gudni is everywhere and nowhere at once. Like all modern Mystery School founders, he is fabulously, well, mysterious. The net is full of him – he gets great Google rankings… But ask anyone (outside of the internet) if they have heard of him and the (more polite) reply is usually – who???

He and his fellow RMMS colleagues have intrigued me for almost two years now, from when I first investigated the new “healing hype” – DNA Activation and published my results in a holistic health blog that I edit from time to time.

Yep – I guess you didn’t know that your DNA needed activating, but there are those who swear we have been living half a life.  DNA Activation is said to assist on en energetic level with every process your body and mind encounter and require. And DNA Activators will happily (and I mean happily – as they are taught to only accept top dollar and no less) charge a good few hundred rands (or dollars) for the opportunity. And if you ascended enough to become a Ritual Master of the RMMS, here is something interesting taken from one of the “official” RMMS sites that you should definitely consider if you plan to make money from esoteric health practices:

“Being a ritual master is not something to do as a hobby it is in fact a profession. It is a new way of life for you and your closest family and friends. This is a job and should be considered as such, not a thing to do on the side. A Ritual Master “Never” Works For Free!
Many have the notion that light work should be free and that you cannot be abundant. This is wrong!
It is prohibited for a Ritual Master to work for free and if this is the case the Hierarchy will take away the gifts they have shared with you.The equal exchange of energy must be there or the powers of the universe will not flow correctly, the infinity loop is fully in effect for the Ritual Master. Even the Master of all Masters, the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ, took pay for his services. He got paid in food, water, clothes, and shelter, which at the time were more precious than gold.

By entering this program one has entered the oldest services to humanity in the world. This is so, plain and simple! A Ritual Master gets paid for teaching this program and then the student goes out and does ritual services and he/she gets paid for that. This is the equal exchange that we have and this is very important! Light work is not about money and in many cases one can do a lot for free, like give people free teaching or healing. This is according to the wishes or inspiration of each light worker. However, this program can not be this way. This program only works with the old energy and according to the old laws. Please honour that!”

I don’t blame you if you get a WTF feeling…

But back to it’s founder, Gudni Gudnason, who is quite a big cheese in certain circles. He and his Mystery School mates (no -it’s not Hogwarts Academy) are also possessed of such interesting credentials – including level 3 Protection and Security Specialists, as well as being “High priests and priestesses” (wonder what they are high on?), etc, etc. The security qualifications are the interesting part – it sure looks like they plan on taking on some heavies! And then there is the family tree…their descendants are fascinating – the lineage of King Salomon (sic) and related to Jesus, Aleister Crowley and King David himself – which is quite an impressive list of rellies. Heck, no wonder they’re famous – in an underground sort of way. Problem is, the Big Cheeses tend to attract a few rats, and I think Gudni may not be immune…

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

But yet, you may ask – who the f…k is Gudni, and how come he has a following at all? Well what I have managed to dig up is that Gudni became quite a mover and shaker in esoteric circles with his claims that he was a follower of the order of the Golden Dawn and a descendant of the lineage of Salomon. He is an icelandic by birth – hence the crazy name, who trained in various fields – body guarding, martial arts and so on, including some dabbling with this and that like psychology, acting and business management. Some claim he is just an ordinary guy who found that L Ron Hubbard’s philosophy for making a few bob was a winner. After all, the founder of Scientology did reckon that the most profitable way to ever make a living was to found your own religion – Gudni has gone a step further and founded a whole Mystery Movement. And yet others say he is a New Age Messiah. I am still a sceptic. Until he speaks to me and shows himself to me (not naked please! eeew!), I guess I’ll be a Doubting Thomas.

His bio states:

“Gudni “Ged” (must have enjoyed ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea trilogy) was born in northern ‘Viking lands’ of Iceland and was initiated into the lineage of King Salomon with priesthood powers from high Priest Melchizedek, (this was done in the Great Pyramid of Giza) Guardian of the Secret of the Holy Grail and authorized to do the work by the HIERARCHY of LIGHT in all manner with the highest powers given to a human.”

Gudni-ness gracious! These days he is listed as a Dr. Gudnason, but I (and many others) can’t seem to track his PhD down anywhere. Maybe he went to the Rocky Mountain Mystery University after he trained as a security guard and before he decided to open his “mystery School”? or maybe it was after the High priest Melchiza-whatsit tapped him to be a big nob at Giza? Your guess is really as good as mine!

Thing is, there are Mystery Schools popping up all over the place and RSA is no exception. Maybe someone can give me the real low down on Mr. / Dr. Gudnason and what he is all about. 

Will the real Gudni please stand up??? (Thanks to a fellow Gudni blogger for the great pic!)

But best of all is Gudni’s own musings, like this nugget posted on Facebook on 21 Dec 2010:

“Christmas: an over rated commercial greed holiday that has nothing to do with the master of love: Jesus the Christ! So I am saying NO! I will not buy into the greed nor the hypocrisy and I will spend my money on helping the poor! Many worthy causes to focus on! No presents for anyone except grand kids who would not understand my thinking! LOVE TO ALL THIS SEASON! PEACE”

That was followed a few days later by this contradictory post on the 24th of December:

“Santa just called me and told me that he will be at my house today, 24th in Japan at 6 pm delivering my Christmas present: A Brand New TESLA!!!! This Christmas I go OFF GAS!!!! for good! My way of giving back to mother earth. Yesterday we fed 400 kids in the Philippines and they all good presents. Please remember those needy, bring them a smile this season! PEACE”

Hmmm, no presents – except for one small brand new motor vehicle – delivered by Santa himself – who interestly also hangs out in a mystery location and is from the north pole….Bless him, if anything he gives me a chuckle now and then – and that is a good (ni) thing!

Scam DNA test kit reveals more to fraudsters than to unsuspecting victims!


Scam tests like this one are proving to be nothing but a croc(k) in Australia

A “DNA” test kit, supposed to help you identify your personal genetic bueprint has turned out to be just another big hoax.

It is said to be the latest technological marvel and I received a link, just the other day, to a site trying to sell me one. The video link was convincing – although heart renderingly soppy (as many American productions often are), but I was almost convinced…until I checked the facts at www.hoax-slayer.com .

Well, this was interesting to say the least, as an Australian goverment site has posted a warning about answering the ads for the kits. 

It seems many Aussies have been sent these test kits “free” in the mail.  They are charged the “processing fee” of  over AU$30.00 (via credit card) if they wish to take up the offer. Whether this is the same as the kit in the link sent to me I have no idea, but crikey mate! It sure looks like the same croc(k) to me!

Here’s the link provided:


One read of this andI was pretty much convinced that these kits are a fraudsters dream. To quote from the site:

Associate Professor Richard Allcock said: “They make claims about health, diet, mood etc. and, whilst some of these may well be under genetic control, we certainly are nowhere near being able to provide that information back to individuals. They then make ridiculous claims about wellbeing and youth extension. All of these claims in the letter are patently false.

“What’s unusual is that they don’t make statements about what they could legitimately determine, such as susceptibility to certain diseases, responses to drugs, ancestry etc. In this regard they are simply advertising something they are incapable of providing.”

It seems the victims unwittingly provide all their credit card data (as well as their DNA samples!) in return for – you guessed it – a big, fat, hairy Nothing….

What is up with those Hoax emails??


Something that really freaks me out… Hoax emails purporting to offer real “evidence” that certain “practices” are commonplace.

Such as the Nonie Darwish hoax just sent to me this morning. As the email states: “Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is to impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in two…In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.K. to elect the Prime Minister by themselves! Rest assured they will do so… You can look at how they have taken over several towns in the USA .. Dearborn Mich. is one… and there are others… “. 

Probably, there are already enough Muslims in the Uk to elect a Muslim PM, and it hasn’t happened yet.  The same for South Africa.

The email is concluded with pictures, and a link to www.thelastcrusade.org. (More about that site later)… The pictures apparently show a Hamas sponsored mass wedding in Gaza of young Muslim “brides” with their alledgedly much older “husbands”. The pictures are captioned with the comment that Hamas sponsors paedophilia. Some girls appear to be as young as five or six years old. Their “husbands” are grown men.

 Supposed "Mass muslim Wedding of Child Brides" or just another sicko's hoax?

So I clicked over to www.hoax-slayer.com – one of my favourite truth sites.
http://www.hoax-slayer.com/mass-muslim-marriage.shtml explains that the girls pictured are family of the brides. Bloody hell, they are brides’ maids accompanied by their fathers and male relatives FFS!

A Mass ceremony sponsored by Hamas did take place in Gaza, (as it happens every year) for couples who could not afford their own weddings, but the brides are not even pictured in the reports picked up by Western media!

Further trawls through the huge amount of evidence of sick, sick people offering these sorts of mails as “truth”, reveals that in response to a public outcry there was an investigation into these rumours. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=106002 is a link to an article written by Aaron Klein (jewish?) who was the only person brave enough to actually interview Hamas regarding the allegations. A fine example of real reporting, where both sides are investigated. Should be commonplace really…

The article states: “the minors seen in the video were family of the bride or groom. He (the person interviewed) said it was tradition for little girls to dress in gowns similar to the bride. He said the little girls walking down the aisle with the grooms are family members of either the bride or groom.

A WND review of the video found some of the little girls, speaking in Arabic, state they are at the wedding of a family member. The girls interviewed do not say anything about themselves getting married.” 

Is this a mistake? Are we so anti-muslim that we look for evidence to support our crap theories? Kind of like assuming the flies on the dead animal must have been the murderers that killed it…

So what’s the real story here? Perhaps the real issue is that folks just hit the “forward” button and don’t stop to think about what they are contributing to. Their brains don’t even register. We are so “stuck” in this stuffed up way of thinking that we simply accept that this crud must be true. How many of us even bother to check these so-called “facts”?

So here is where I tell you all about a fearful man named Paul Williams PhD and his “Last Crusade”. He is alleged to be responsible for some rather sick emails doing the rounds. Mails that purport to be the words and expressed thoughts of respected people. Mails that ruin reputations and perpetuate hatred.  And most of them have links to his site, an upgraded blog “powered by WordPress”. 

A quick click through his posts reveal a Christian Fundamentalist with an attitude. Well, if all Crusaders had his attitude no wonder they weren’t too succesful. Let’s hope this really is his Last Crusade!

Covering an inter-faith event he cries: “Anglicans now embrace Allah!”, His caption of a picture showing a group of Muslim and Anglican clerics states: “Muslim conquest of Britain nearing completion”.

And South Africa has been no stranger to his rants either. He was rather quick to pick up on the controversy surrounding Khayalitsha’s Pastor Skolana’s intention to de-stigmatise AIDS in his community church with his controversial statement that “Jesus was HIV Positive”.  After reporting this story on his site, Paul Williams PhD states that: “AIDs is predominantly transmitted through homosexual encounters but can also be spread by the transfer of contaminated blood into the system through needle-sharing”.

Was he intending to imply that the pastor was suggesting that Jesus was gay or just a heroin junkie? In a country where 5.7 million people are believed to be living with the virus, it would be supremely lacking in empathy not to preach about Jesus’ teachings about having empathy and sympathy for the sick.

His own president is not immune, and his tirades against Barack Obama are lengthy. Take this post excerpt for example, regarding the US Army’s decision to drop its National Day of Prayer key-note speaker after his decidedly uneducated statements about Islam:

“The U.S. Army rescinded its invitation to evangelist Franklin Graham for the upcoming National Day of Prayer at the Pentagon over controversial remarks he made about Islam. “True Islam cannot be practiced in this country,” he told CNN’s Campbell Brown last December. “You can’t beat your wife. You cannot murder your children if you think they’ve committed adultery or something like that, which they do practice in these other countries.” The Last Crusade reminds our readers: The Commander-in-Chief of the United States Military is President Barack Hussein Obama.”

Well, it’s obvious the man is not just a little twisted.  No wonder he is being sued. This from Wikipedia:

“Williams is currently being sued by McMaster University for upwards of $2-Million, as a result of his claims that Islamic terrorists managed to steal 180 lbs of unspecified nuclear material from the McMaster Nuclear Reactor. The University has extracted an apology from the publisher of Dunces of Doomsday, WND Books/Cumberland House Publishing, who now say that statements made in Williams’ book about the theft are “without basis in fact.” Williams himself is standing behind his claims.”

If the originator of these hoax emails is this nutter with a PhD, then why are we passing them forward? It appears from his site that his views are seriously far right and very fundamentalist christian. Even dangerously so. And while I have nothing against people believing what they like, my God said: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”.

As a person who has lived through a period governed by a dangerously far right regime who justified their violence and hatred with selected texts from the Bible, I have to say that this is a world I am not keen to revisit.  South Africans, you should know better than to forward hate speech. Defeat them – just delete them!!!